Concept Art

Concept Art

I have worked as a concept artist for many major corporations over the years. I can make your imagination come to life for any need. If you can dream it, I can design it!

Store Build-Outs:

Looking to have a new store space designed to your liking? I will work with you every step of the way to make sure your concept is met to your liking and also abides by the building rules and fire marshal codes.

Kiosks & Carts:

If you are looking to have a mall kiosk or cart designed, look no further. I have worked with many shopping mall giants such as General Growth Properties to understand their rules and processes of facilitating a design in their malls. I make sure you have all the design approval forms, CAD files and other documentation needed to be approved. All you have to do is worry about grabbing your business after you are in the mall.

Character Design:

Looking to have a mascot or cartoon character made up for a presentation or commercial? I can come up with creative character designs for any need. I can give you initial idea concepts before moving into a final design ideas.  Let your imagination run wild because character designs have no boundaries.

3D Design:

If you are looking to 3d graphics for marketing, websites or games such as phones, computers, or media; I can help. I have been working with 3D design programs for more than half my life and will work with you on any concept you require.

Product Design:

I have the ability for coming up with concept design for a specific item such as an auto part or other tangible items that will actually be built and put into production. ­As long as you have details of what you are trying to achieve, I will be able to put it into motion.

Inquire today to learn more about what I can offer you on your next idea.